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IPS e.max

All-Ceramic - All You Need

Simply put, IPS e.max has the esthetics of Empress but with 4 times the strength. IPS e.max is a full contoured, lithium disilicate restoration that offers esthetics and an unmatched strength of 400 MPa, making it ideal for crowns anywhere in the mouth. It is indicated for 3 unit bridges in the anterior and back to the 2nd premolar.

The opalescence, translucency and light diffusion properties of IPS e.max lithium disilicate were all designed to replicate natural tooth structure for beauty and undetectable restorations. Due to its strength and multiple translucencies, IPS e.max lithium disilicate can be used for a wide range of indications, including:

IPS e.max

6 days in lab

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