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Indirect Composite

Sculpture® Plus

The first nano-hybrid composite for indirect restorations

Pentron® Laboratory Technologies created the new standard for indirect composite restorations, Sculpture® Plus Nano-Hybrid Composites.  Based on their clinically proven Sculpture® Composite that earned a 5+ rating from THE DENTAL ADVISOR, Sculpture® Plus Composites offer exceptional polishability and esthetics.

Sculpture® Plus provides translucency in a complete range of shades, allowing natural light transmission throughout the restoration.  This allows your patients to have beautiful restorations that mimic the appearance of actual dentition – even in the most demanding cases!   The nano-particulate fill component results in strong, reinforced margins and provides the polishability that has set this composite apart from all others.

Sculpture Plus restorations are virtually free of material voids and flaws for stronger, more beautiful indirect restorations.  And with an extremely low sorption rate, Sculpture® Plus doesn’t succumb to staining.

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