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We offer dentures done 2 different, but proven ways.

The first is the traditional method that involves base plates and wax rims.


Appointment  1

Patient interview, Accu-dent System 1 Impressions, shade taken   
Alameter and Papillameter measurments. Alma Gauge measurement if old denture is available

Lab makes base plate/bite rim

Appointment  2 Try-in rims, adjust wax as needed

Lab places maxillary and mandibular anterior teeth
Appointment  3 Try in anterior set-up, adjust as needed, take bite registration
Lab places posterior teeth
Appointment  4 Evaluation of set-up: check upper and lower lip lines, phonetics, esthetics, photo of
patient smiling, set-up in.
Appointment  5 Insert processed case

Another option for you is the Staub technique which reduces


Appointment  1

Accudent System 1 Impressions showing physical landmarks, shade taken
Alameter and Papillameter measurments. Alma Gauge measurement if old denture is available.

Lab does full Maxillary set-up, Mandibular 6 anterior teeth set-up and posterior bite blocks

Appointment  2 Evaluation of set-up: check upper and lower lip lines, phonetics, esthetics, take bite registration
and photo of patient smiling, set-up in.
Appointment  3 Try in wax up if you like, otherwise straight to insert of processed case

Both methods utilize Ivoclar’s Ivocap™ injection system and produce a functional, esthetic denture.

Why Ivoclar's Ivocap™ system?

Polymethyl methacrylate (press packed dentures) are subject to chemical shrinkage during polymerization. As a result, the finished dentures often exhibit considerable inaccuracy, particulary if conventional fabrication methods are used. (photo: denture poor fit)

With SR Ivocap, chemical shrinkage is not an issue. The SR Ivocap system is based on a special injection technique that is capable of compensating for chemical shrinkage. Controlled heat/pressure polymerization compensates acrylic shrinkage by pressured feeding of additional material. (photo: denture precise fit)

Partial Dentures

Vitallium & Vitallium 2000 Plus

Our partials are a great alternative to those patients who choose not to go the route of fixed bridgework or implants.

Vitallium 2000 Plus chrome cobalt alloy is the premium choice for partial denture metal frameworks.

Our partial department works hand-in-hand with our fixed restorative team for combination/attachment cases to provide a logical and predictable process to guarantee extraordinary final results.

We offer FREE design and survey services.

PJ's Flexible Partial Dentures  Myerson Guide

Unlike nylon flexible partial dentures which absorb moisture, PJ's Flexible Partials are made with Myerson's DuraFlex™ material.  This state-of-the-art thermoplastic material combines flexibility, translucency and durability to give your patients natural looking, comfortable lightweight partials.

In addition, PJ's Flexible Partials can be processed over our Vitallium framework for those cases where a combination of metal and flex is ideal.

PJ's Flexible RPDs are thin, flexible, lightweight, and extremely comfortable. Handcrafted in our Slinger office, no outsourcing done.

Hard Acrylic Night Guard

Our Hard Acrylic Night Guards are waxed and processed just like our dentures. They are fabricated with clear acrylic and heat cured for maximum strength.

Prescribe the hard acrylic night guard for you patients that require a rigid night guard with absolutely no flexibility. It can easily be repaired and is also easy to add to should you need to adjust the vertical.


CLEARsplint is self-adjusting. This superb accuracy permits the closest fit.  Dimensional stability means fewer, if any, adjustments which are done conventionally. Ramp and guide planes can be added to reposition the mandible.  Chairside repairs can be made with cold cure acrylic.

CLEARsplint is self adjusting in the mouth when pre-softened in warm water.  Will not yellow with age; always transparent.

CLEARsplint nightguards come backed with a 6-month warranty against breakage.

Sport guards

Custom laboratory made sport guards are prescribed for both professional and amateur athletes because they offer the highest level of protection.  Custom fitting provides signifcantly more protection than over the counter “boil & bite” type mouthguards.

High heat and pressure processing create the most precise fitting sports guard. This secure fit allows for less interference with the athletes’ speech.

Our mouthguards reduce air way blockage. Athletes have greater air (oxygen) uptake capacity and improved performance.

PJ’s custom sport guards are comfortable, athletes enjoy the wear and fit. They are available in a variety of colors and we can add the athlete’s name or nickname.

Less chair time for you and your patient.  Custom sports guard can be prescribed as part of a routine check, then sent directly to your patient from our lab (include patient’s address on prescription).

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