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IDENTALLOY ® Council Classifications

High Noble (precious) - consists of 60% precious metal with at least 40% being gold.

Noble (semi-precious) contains at least 25% gold, platinum and palladium.

Base (non-precious) contains less than 25% gold, platinum and palladium.  Contents include Chrome Cobalt or Titanium.

IDENTALLOY is an independent, non-profit certification program designed to help you identify and record alloy information.
IDENTALLOY makes it easy for our laboratory to meet your professional, legal and patient responsibilities by providing a FREE, easy-to-use system for keeping track of the casting alloys you use.

A sticker identifying the manufacturer’s name, brand name and composition of the alloy, and a symbol which helps you properly code insurance forms will be affixed to the lab invoice returned to you with the case. All you need to do is file the invoice in your patients file. Now it is easy to document the alloy used for any case at any time.

CUP technique (crown under partial)

Doing a crown under an existing RPD has long been a sore spot for the patient.  We offer a technique that allows the patient to keep their partial while the restoration is fabricated.  This prevents movement of the teeth as well as the huge inconvenience the patient experiences.  With a few simple steps, you can provide your patients with a solution they will appreciate.  Call us to schedule a CUP technique Lunch & Learn (with a CE credit) at your office.

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