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Shipping and Services

Whether it's scheduling a rush case, doing a custom shade or working out technical details of complex cases, our staff is available and ready to assist you in any way possible. Our lines of communication are always open so that when questions arise as they inevitably do, the focus can be on what's important, your patient getting more than expected.

Pick up and Delivery

Our friendly drivers will be at your office daily if you are in our local delivery area. If not, you can easily ship your case to our office and we will return it to you via UPS or another major courier. Call our shipping department and request a shipping kit complete with pre-printed shipping labels for your convenience.

We presently have pick up and delivery services in Fond du Lac, Racine, Washington, Ozaukee, Waukesha counties and parts of Milwaukee and Dodge counties.

Shipping a case

With proper care, your cases can be safely shipped to the lab for fabrication. Here are some easy to follow guidelines to ensure your case is protected.

  1. Put completed Rx into outside sleeve of Biohazard bag.
  2. Place disinfected impression into the sealable section of Biohazard bag. Do not wrap in tissue or other wrapping materials.
  3. If sending models, they need to be individually wrapped with bubble wrap or similar packing material. Secure with rubber bands or tape.
  4. Photos should be placed in a separate plastic bag for protection.
  5. Small items such as crowns, bridges, shade tabs or implant parts are safest when placed in a crown box or a sealed plastic bag.
  6. Articulators and face-bow: Wrap each arch of the articulator with bubble wrap, close and secure with rubber band. Face-bow units need to have parts wrapped individually. Custom shipping cases for larger articulators are available from manufacturers.
  7. A layer of packing material should cover the bottom of the box and additional material is then placed over the contents to prevent movement of pieces.
dental product shipping
Rx Denta lShipping  packaged dental material

Custom Shades

On those tough cases, you may want the added benefit of sending a patient to the lab for a custom shade. We utilize the Vita Easy Shade and take digital photos with our Canon 20D camera. For your patient's convenience, shades can be appointed at both our Slinger and West Allis locations.

Tips fpr success:

  1. If your patient is bleaching, please wait 2 to 3 weeks AFTER bleaching is complete before scheduling a custom shade. Teeth continue to "settle" into the shade for that period of time. If your patient's bleaching and crowns have a "deadline" for a special event, our CADtemps are the solution to get them by while the bleaching is on-going.
  2. Remember, teeth dehydrate during the prep so, although it is convenient for the patient to have the custom shade done that same day, to achieve the best results they should schedule the shade with us at least 1 day after their appointment with you. Or, they can see us prior to their prep appointment.

Call us at 800-442-7741 to set up an appointment for your patient.

Diagnostic Wax-ups

The benefits of doing a diagnostic wax-up can far exceed the time and expense it takes to make them.

Diagnostic wax-ups can assist in determining the functional and esthetic aspects of a case, assist in implant placement and confirm prepping requirements.  The wax-up can then be the matrix for the provisional, determining the exact neutral zone envelope of function.  Lip support and phonetic interferences of the final restoration can be manipulated and more predictable results can be achieved.

Doing a diagnostic wax-up of a large case allows your patient to visualize the final results that can be achieved. They feel more involved in the process, increasing case acceptance.

An estimate and timeline for the case can accompany the wax-up to avoid any surprises.  Let us know exactly what you need.

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